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The CoolSculpting® fat-freezing procedure is the only FDA-approved, non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to reduce stubborn fat. At Alta Vista Dermatology, we specialize in the advanced CoolSculpting® Elite procedure to give patients the best results that this technology has to offer. We welcome residents of Denver, Highlands Ranch, and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is the first and only FDA-approved fat reduction treatment that uses gentle cooling energy to freeze and destroy fat cells via a procedure known as cryolipolysis. This non-surgical technique is changing the way fat reduction procedures are performed. CoolSculpting® can be used to reduce stubborn pockets of fat nearly anywhere on the body, including the abdomen, back, thighs, arms and neck. In fact, CoolSculpting® is the only FDA-approved fat reduction treatment for the neck. The treatment process is carefully tailored to match the specific needs of each patient, forming a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results. At Alta Vista Dermatology, we offer CoolSculpting® treatments with the enhanced CoolSculpting® Elite system.

What is CoolSculpting® Elite?

CoolSculpting® Elite is the latest advancement in CoolSculpting® technology. With the new CoolSculpting® Elite system, the applicators have been reengineered for a better fit. With a better fit to the body, the CoolSculpting® cooling technology becomes more effective, offering up to an 18% larger cooling area. Ultimately, this enables better results than previous CoolSculpting® applicators. The CoolSculpting® Elite system offers seven applicators with various designs for specific parts of the body. Most of the new applicators feature a curved design that fits optimally around curved areas of the body, such as the legs, hips and more.

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

The CoolSculpting® Elite system uses carefully shaped applicators that fit snugly on the body. Each applicator will emit cooling energy across the treatment area, which freezes and destroys fat cells without harming any of the surrounding cells in the body. As a result, the body naturally “sheds” them over time, effectively reducing the amount of fat in treated areas. Because the fat cells are permanently destroyed, CoolSculpting® can help patients achieve a long-term reduction in fat.

Can CoolSculpting® Be Used for Fat Reduction?

CoolSculpting® is primarily used as a fat reduction procedure. However, it is important to note that – similar to liposuction – it is not a weight loss procedure. CoolSculpting® is ideal for patients who are near their goal weight and may have a few stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting® Elite is specifically designed to reduce fat deposits across the body, but it is not an alternative to weight loss. Patients who are looking to reduce small portions of fat from the body can achieve remarkable body contouring results with CoolSculpting® Elite treatments at Alta Vista Dermatology.

What Can I Expect During My CoolSculpting®Treatment?

The CoolSculpting® treatment involves the application of cooling energy in combination with light suction to target the desired areas of fat. With CoolSculpting® Elite, patients can expect applicators with a more consistent fit that leads to a more effective treatment, and subsequently, better results. However, the cooling energy can cause cold sensations as well as some mild pinching or tugging on the skin. Still, the procedure is widely considered to be comfortable, and most patients are able to read or perform other tasks during their treatment. The treatment takes 30 minutes, but can take a bit longer if we are treating multiple areas. Luckily, there is no downtime following your CoolSculpting® procedure. In fact, most patients return to work and other normal activities immediately following their appointment.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is an advanced body contouring treatment that produces impressive body sculpting results. We like to call it a “transformation.” After your treatment, you will notice a gradual improvement in the shape and contour of the body as fat cells are “shed” from the body. Most patients notice results and an obvious transformation as early as three weeks after treatment, with full results visible approximately six months after your procedure. Because the fat cells are permanently destroyed during the CoolSculpting® process, patients can enjoy a long-lasting reduction in fat. CoolSculpting® Elite is the preferred CoolSculpting® system of Alta Vista Dermatology because it gives us the ability to personalize your treatment, often delivering the desired results in just 2 treatment sessions.

How Much Does CoolSculpting® Cost?

To determine the exact cost of your CoolSculpting® treatment, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our office. During your consultation, we will develop a personalized treatment plan that will satisfy your unique needs and produce the best results possible. At that point, we will be able to provide you with a clear breakdown of the costs associated with your treatment. To help make our services affordable for our patients, we are proud to offer financing through CareCredit®. We also accept cash, checks and major credit cards.


To learn more about CoolSculpting® or to schedule a consultation, contact us today. Alta Vista Dermatology offers CoolSculpting® treatments with the CoolSculpting® Elite system to provide patients with the best possible results. We offer this and other non-surgical body sculpting procedures to help the residents of Denver and Highlands Ranch, CO, achieve their cosmetic goals.