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Skin Cancer Surgery/Treatment

Although a skin cancer diagnosis is the last thing a patient wants to receive, skin cancer can be easily and effectively treated at Alta Vista Dermatology, especially when it is detected early. If you are in need of skin cancer treatment, you can feel confident choosing Alta Vista Dermatology. We offer skin cancer surgeries and treatments to men and women living in Denver and Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Our Surgical Dermatology Philosophy

The doctors at Alta Vista Dermatology provide expert surgical dermatologic care. As our patient, you can feel confident that we will conduct your treatment in the most conservative yet effective manner. Our level of care for dermatologic concerns is unparalleled. We have spent years educating ourselves and perfecting our surgical skills so that we may deliver the highest standard of care to you and your family.

About Benign Skin Cancer Growths

When dermatologic surgery is necessary to address a benign or cancerous growth, we take the time to answer your questions and provide you with all the necessary information to help you make an educated decision about your care.

There are numerous dermatologic surgical procedures from which we may choose to remove a concerning growth. Lesions that develop on the surface layer of skin may be removed by snipping or shaving with a surgical scissor or scalpel, or by spraying with liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery). Benign growths that our team may remove with conservative means include skin tags and moles. In some cases, skin cancers affecting the upper layer of the skin may be removed with one of these methods.

Surgical excision is another method we may use to remove an unwanted growth. This method involves making a small incision to remove unhealthy tissue. Sutures will be necessary to close the wound. Examples of growths that may require surgical excision include lipomas (fatty tumors), certain moles, cysts, and birthmarks. Malignant melanoma is also often best removed with precise surgical excision.

Types of Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer is one of the common issues addressed with dermatologic surgery. Every year, as many as one million people are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer. The most frequent diagnoses are Basal Cell or Squamous Cell Carcinomas. Melanoma may be less frequently diagnosed but is a concerning condition that we educate our patients about in order to facilitate the earliest possible detection.

Alta Vista Dermatology has numerous options to treat the various forms of skin cancer. While each case is unique, our patients can feel confident that our expert providers have the knowledge and skills to resolve this condition with the most appropriate procedure.

Patients who visit our Highlands Ranch practice for skin cancer treatment may discuss their surgical options, which could include standard excision or Mohs Micrographic Surgery. In some cases, chemotherapeutic agents may also be recommended.

If you are in need of skin cancer treatment, you can trust the qualified and experienced staff at Alta Vista Dermatology. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. We offer skin cancer surgeries and treatments to residents of Denver, Highlands Ranch, and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

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