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Rash Treatment

Rashes can arise due to a number of reasons, causing discomfort and an unsightly change in the skin. Proper treatment of a rash requires a professional diagnosis by a qualified dermatologist. Our board-certified team at Alta Vista Dermatology offer rash treatments to men and women living in Denver, Highlands Ranch, and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

What is a Rash?

A rash is a change in the appearance of the skin, usually causing it to become red, bumpy, scaly, and sometimes itchy. Most rashes are caused by some sort of irritant, but the cause can vary greatly from person to person. Most rashes are just a temporary irritation that fade on their own, although severe rashes may lead patients to pursue treatment.

How is a Rash Treated?

The majority of rashes will fade on their own. If you know the irritant that caused your rash, the best option may be to avoid the source of irritation to allow the rash to fade. In most cases, we will examine the rash and review your medical history to determine a topical solution that will provide relief. In this case, all that is needed is the regular use of the topical medication to cure the rash. In some cases, rashes can be caused by skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. If your rash is due to psoriasis, we may recommend a psoriasis treatment instead of the traditional topical approach.

Can Contact Dermatitis Be Treated with Rash Treatments?

Contact dermatitis is a form of eczema. This is a rash that arises as a reaction to making contact with a chemical that irritates the skin. Products such as soaps, lotions, and creams are frequently to blame for these kind of rashes. When this is the case, avoiding the use of the responsible product is usually enough to eliminate the rash. Severe rashes may need a specific treatment, which will require the professional opinion of a board-certified dermatologist. To learn more about treating contact dermatitis, visit our page on eczema treatment.

When Will I Notice Results from Rash Treatment?

Most rashes will fade on their own within a few days if the irritant is avoided. Similarly, topical solutions will provide gradual relief within a few days or weeks of starting treatment. Rashes can vary greatly from person to person, so you may need to speak with our board-certified team members to understand the full extent of your treatment and recovery. At Alta Vista Dermatology, we will develop a personalized treatment plan that matches the unique qualities of your skin to provide you with the most effective treatment possible.

If you have developed a rash for any reason, Alta Vista Dermatology has the expertise necessary to properly diagnose and treat it. You can be confident that you will find relief through our professional and quality care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. We welcome patients from Denver, Highlands Ranch, and the neighboring Colorado communities.

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