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Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo, although harmless, can cause a change in the skin that many may want to reverse. If you are located in Denver, Highlands Ranch, or the surrounding areas of Colorado, you can trust the experienced staff at Alta Vista Dermatology for your vitiligo treatment.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition in which the cells responsible for pigmentation, called melanocytes, stop functioning. As a result, the skin loses its color in blotchy patches. Although this condition poses no health risk, many people choose to pursue vitiligo treatment to minimize the effects it has on their skin. Vitiligo cannot be cured, but the effects can be managed with certain treatments.

How is Vitiligo Treated?

Because vitiligo cannot be cured, vitiligo treatments only aim to minimize the effects it has on the skin. Treatments are designed to restore color to the skin and reduce the appearance of discolored patches. For vitiligo, we usually recommend photodynamic therapy (PDT). This is a comfortable procedure that uses specific wavelengths of light to activate a topical medication. Alternatively, we may suggest Excimer laser treatment using the Pharos™ Excimer laser.

What Can I Expect from Vitiligo Treatment with PDT?

PDT is a comfortable treatment that does not require any anesthetic. During treatment, a topical solution is applied to the affected area. Then, the medication in the topical solution is activated using painless light energy. This treatment stimulates pigmentation cells and causes repigmentation to occur, slowly restoring color to the skin. Multiple sessions will be necessary; we typically recommend two sessions a week until the desired results are achieved.

What Can I Expect from Excimer Laser Treatment for Vitiligo?

Excimer laser treatment uses ultraviolet light to treat vitiligo. Compared to other light therapies, the Excimer laser offers a handful of benefits that make it an advantageous treatment method. For starters, this treatment is carefully controlled and only targets the affected areas, leaving your healthy skin unharmed. Additionally, it’s stronger than traditional light therapy, producing more significant results in fewer treatment sessions. The Pharos™ Excimer Laser system uses a handheld wand to deliver laser energy, which is easily maneuvered around the body. This means the Excimer laser can be more effective or practical for treatment areas that are difficult to reach with other methods.

Is Vitiligo Treatment Permanent?

Vitiligo treatment cannot prevent further changes in the skin from occurring. The treatment simply restores color to the skin over time. However, patients who are responding well to treatment typically do not experience a worsening of their condition while they are actively receiving light therapy. We recommend that patients receive regular vitiligo treatments to maintain their results.

If you suffer from vitiligo, you can find the personalized care you need at Alta Vista Dermatology. With a team of board-certified medical professionals, we use the most advanced skin care techniques to maintain and improve our patients’ health. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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