Skin Cancer Surgery/Treatment in Denver, CO

Don’t Fry Day!

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has declared the Friday before Memorial Day as, ‘Don’t Fry Day’! Memorial Day weekend is a fun time for most families, and of course most of this time is spent in the blazing sun. ‘Don’t Fry Day’ is meant to promote skin protection awareness and encourage everyone to…

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Scar Removal/Revision in Denver, CO

Biocorneum+ Works on Scars!

At Alta Vista Dermatology, we pride ourselves on the treatments we offer, and the products we sell. When contemplating whether to add a particular product to our quality line of skincare, we do ample research before making any commitments. Dr. Sarolta Szabo, board certified Dermatologist, reads clinical studies, inspects ingredients, and then ultimately decides whether…

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Medical Dermatology in Denver, CO

Alta Vista Sponsors Upcoming Denver Street Schools Charity Event!

We are happy to announce that Alta Vista Dermatology has become a corporate sponsor for the Denver Street School’s upcoming SHINE Gala charity event! The Denver Street School prides itself on providing at-risk teenagers a second chance at receiving a high school diploma. They focus on helping these children reach their goals and give them…

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Skin Care Treatment in Denver, CO

Skincare for All Skin Types

Our goal is to provide the highest quality dermatological skin care on an individual basis in a caring and professional environment. We provide a wide range of general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology to both adults and children. We are committed to prevention and overall skin wellness using the latest treatment options and therapies.

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