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Biocorneum+ Works on Scars!

Scar Treatment Before and After Pictures Denver, CO

At Alta Vista Dermatology, we pride ourselves on the treatments we offer, and the products we sell. When contemplating whether to add a particular product to our quality line of skincare, we do ample research before making any commitments. Dr. Sarolta Szabo, board certified Dermatologist, reads clinical studies, inspects ingredients, and then ultimately decides whether the product is of quality enough for her patients.

In the case of silicone-based, Biocorneum+, Dr. Szabo gave her stamp of approval and has been quite impressed with the overall success of the product when being used on relatively new scars. Biocorneum+ includes SPF 30 as well as a silicone shield to help reduces swelling and redness as it binds to the skin creating an optimal environment for scars to improve through normal collagen synthesis.

Alta Vista Dermatology carries two very effective silicone scar treatments: Biocorneum+ and Siligen. Siligen offers a physical sunscreen to it’s formula while Bicorneum+ offers a chemical sunscreen. Individuals more prone to skin sensitivity may prefer the physical sunscreen in Siligen as it does not contain any chemicals in it’s formula; yet both products are just as effective in improving unwanted scarring.

Testimonials are always a testament to the success of any product or treatment. The mother of this lovely young lady was thrilled with the results of her daughter’s Biocorneum+ usage:

Scar Treatment Before and After Pictures Denver, CO“Dr. Szabo – Look at this girl!!  Do you see any remnants of the scar that went from the top of her forehead down her nose and onto her chin?!?!?!  Not a single trace.  I owe you 1000 more thank yous for being so helpful right after her accident.  Thank you for the treatment you gave her.  I will always be grateful and deeply indebted!!  You are a huge blessing.  ERB”.


If you have a scar that needs some TLC, speak to one of our Providers about the treatment options that may be best for you. You, too, could have results just like these!