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PRP and Hair Loss

PRP Therapy in Denver, CO
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Alta Vista Dermatology is excited to announce the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  in the restoration from hair loss. We are beginning to see incredible results when using PRP on both men and  women. For women, hair is a sign of femininity and for men, hair is a sign of youthfulness. When either gender experiences the beginning stages of loss, confidence levels can drop immensely. Fortunately, studies have proven that expensive hair transplant services and prescription shampoos are not the only method to achieving beautiful, thick hair again.

Patients undergoing PRP at our office find it to be quick, easy, and effective. Although there are candidates for whom we would discourage PRP, many patients are qualified to begin treatment immediately. A series of four treatments approximately four weeks apart is a good starting point and of course results vary patient-to-patient.

If you are feeling concerned about your hair loss, one of our Providers would love to chat with you! Schedule a consultation today – 303.888.6426