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The Most Common Form Of Skin Cancer Goes Untreated… (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Skin Cancer Surgery/Treatment in Denver, COMany people object to their Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) being treated and excised, if necessary. Even at Alta Vista Dermatology, we have patients who fear we are being ‘too conservative’ when we proactively treat certain lesions such as BCC. Often times these patients state that because BCC is so slow growing, there should not be such an urgency to treat it.

However, as as medically trained Dermatologists and experts on the topic of skin cancer, we know that avoiding treatment of such lesions can cause irreversible damage. Thanks to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology‘s Facebook page, we are reminded just how a ‘slow growing’ Basal Cell Carcinoma can become invasive and necrotic if left untreated.

Although rare, this now-70 year old patient left his originally small lesion untreated for nearly 30 years! Yet another example as to why we proactively treat skin cancers and especially Basal Cell Carcinomas.

Haven’t had an annual skin check? We strongly encourage you to seek a Board Certified Dermatologist in your area today!

Read the full journal article here.