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The Truth About Tanning

Skin Cancer Surgery/Treatment in Denver, COIt has been ingrained in us to believe a tan represents youth and beauty and while most people understand the risks involved with achieving societies thoughts of ‘beauty’ they still continue to put themselves at risk.

According to a new American Academy of Dermatology survey, “71% of 18-34 year-old women know that there is no such thing as a healthy tan, and 66% know that getting a base tan is not a healthy way to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.”

According to board-certified dermatologist and chair of the AAD Council on Communications, Dr. Elizabeth Martin, states “Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is the second most common cancer in young women, and we believe this may be due in part to their tanning habits.” I think we can all agree that the scariest part in all of this is that young women continue to tan despite all of the known risks.

In general, prevention, protection, and early detection is absolutely key in preventing death by skin cancer. Annual total body skin exams are always recommended and should a suspicious spot arise and not go away, we encourage all of our patients at Alta Vista Dermatology to seek care quickly.

With all of the new organic self-tanning options available to people of all ages, you can easily have a glowing tan without all of the risk and damage associated with natural or artificial UV rays. There is nothing more tragic than seeing a young women or man with a dark tan lose their life due to something that could have been prevented.

Have questions about skin cancer, skin exams, or the right sunscreen for your skin? All of us at Alta Vista Dermatology in Highlands Ranch, CO are happy to help. Give us a call and schedule an office visit with a provider or pop-in and speak to one of our trusty patient coordinators. We look forward to seeing you soon!